By Sebastian Rebollo

Master in physical Activity

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Parents always want the best for their kids, and that includes searching for the best possible training. The most important thing is to find someone that can teach all the extremely basic instructions on how to ride the bike in a safe environment, with a proper fit and with the proper equipment. Complementary to all the technical training for the kid, it is important to understand that a complete training process needs to contain a well-structured conditioning program that emphasizes movement control and basic strength. When we are talking about strength training for pre-adolescents there is much controversy. Some say that training young people is not recommended because you can't gain strength with the lower levels of testosterone. But there are many more scientific studies that demonstrate the benefits of strength training in pre-adolescents. The most important points are to help strengthen bones, obtain intermuscular coordination, which means, learning to activate all the muscles that are important for any particular movement. In other words teaching the proper techniques of the exercises and be more efficient in further stages of training.

Through all of this, we know that it is important to technically, physically and mentally prepare the new generation of athletes. They are the future of the sports and it should be an obligation to parents and trainers to develop all the abilities and necessities that kids will need in the future.

This article is a little introduction on kids training. I will write more about this subject and give all of you more recommendations and trainings to achieve those goals.

Disclaimer: No training program can or will protect you from injury. All athletic sports carry with them an element of danger. In the case of a fall, collision or other accident, you may be injured or killed, regardless of the type of athletic training you may have participated in. A training program itself could even result in an injury in certain situations. The only way to certainly avoid being injured while training or participating in a sporting activity, is to not participate in any sports or training activity.