By Sebastian Rebollo

Master in physical Activity

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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We all know that motocross and dirt bike racing are very demanding sports with high odds of injuries that came from different situations. The principal is the high speeds of the racing and the number of competitors in a relatively small area. You need to maneuver the bike quickly to avoid crashes and get in the best position available. Studies show that almost 95% of motocross riders have suffered at least one injury in their career, and that’s a very high percent!! So, it seems like we must be prepared for those situations and try to do all that we can to prevent or minimize the effects of a possible accident. We also want to avoid an overuse injury on the knees, hips, wrists and shoulders.

Now let’s see some of the most recurrent injuries in motocross and how we can use some prevention strategies.

  • Fractures and sprains of the collarbone, wrist, ankle and knee

  • Concussions 

  • ACL tears and ruptures

  • Shoulders dislocations and related injuries

As we can see, most of the injuries are in the upper body extremities. The main reason for this is because of the instinct reactions when we fall. We want to soften the fall by extending the arms and “absorb” the force with our hands, “better the arms, then our head”.  One simple thing that we can do is to maintain certain levels of upper body strength and a good level of flexibility in the shoulders. For the ACL tears and ruptures, the muscular strength in our lower body is the key to minimize the risks.

To minimize concussions, the best way is to always wear a helmet as there is not much prevention based on the strength and conditioning point of view.

Basic 3 day / week resistance program to our upper and lower body


  • Upper body strength 

  • Lower body strength 


Dumbbells bench press
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Dumbbell one arm military press
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One arm dumbbell row
Resultado de imagen para row exercise dumbbell
½ Squats
Resultado de imagen para squat exercise with bar
Leg Extensions
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Leg curl
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3 - 4

10 - 12



4 – 5

10 - 15



4 - 5

12 - 15


Each week we can add 5 or 10 pounds on the exercises if we can maintain the technique.

As a conclusion, accidents will always happen and in this sport sooner than any other sport, and we need to be preparade for that, maintain a good strength in our body will help us to minimize the risks of any muscular or joint injury or even to help heal faster after an accident, follow a structured routine it’s a first step that we all must do. But be aware and always ride with precaution and with all the security accessories its not a recommendation, it’s an obligation for all of us, so be safe and ride careful.

Disclaimer: No training program can or will protect you from injury. All athletic sports carry with them an element of danger. In the case of a fall, collision or other accident, you may be injured or killed, regardless of the type of athletic training you may have participated in. A training program itself could even result in an injury in certain situations. The only way to certainly avoid being injured while training or participating in a sporting activity, is to not participate in any sports or training activity.